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The Alien’s Lament

November 13, 2013
Teardrop on Fire

Teardrop on Fire (Photo credit: tj.blackwell)

No Crystal Tears will I Shed,
when I learn that you are Dead.
No Song of Mourning will I Sing,
within the Chamber of Echoing.
I will Write no Final Rhyme,
for my Voice to sweetly Chime.
My Hearts have fallen Silent,
my Grief for you has been Spent.
To me you’ve been long Lost,
all my Love you did Exhaust.
When the Void you planned to Cross,
you did not once Count the Cost.
To you I was just a Pawn,
now you are Forever Gone.
In your great Hurry and Haste,
you let my Love go to Waste.
A Shroud over my Soul you did Drape,
in your Fervent Desire to Escape.
My inner-most Self for you Bled,
You Killed my Hope Stone Dead.
When your Unfeeling Actions I did Accost,
You Withered me with an Emotional Frost.
you Seared me with your Scorn,
never for you will I Mourn.
On my Hearts you did Tread,
when Away from our World you Sped.
Beyond the Boundaries of my Love you have Fled,
leaving me to Live a Life of Fear and Dread.
From your Path you couldn’t be Torn,
now I Languish, Lost and Forlorn.
You Race to the Fate you have Drawn,
and Alone I watch our Planet’s Dawn.
While you Range, Wild and Free,
I Dwell in the Abode of Misery.
For alas, my Soul’s Mate,
alone you meet your Fate.
We’ve Said our Last Goodbye,
no Crystal Tears will I cry.


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