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The Stars Are Lies

November 11, 2013
English: Pleiades Star Cluster



The Stars are Lies,
Dead Things that Shine,
in the Black Vastness,
of the Eternal Night,
though they are Long Gone.
Put not your Faith,
into Astrology,
for it is False,
the Stars do not Provide,
they are only Memories,
of Light that has Traveled,
across the Gulf of Time.
Burnt out Husks of Radiance,
Empty Embers of Luminance,
it is the Past,
that is Written in the Sky,
not the Future,
even the Sun’s Light,
is Eight Minutes Old.
The Stars were Extinguished,
Millenia ago,
only their Ghosts Remain,
Stagnant and Static,
Distant Glittering Beacons,
Empty Extinct Flares,
Smothered Expired Brands,
Brilliant Unfeeling Residues,
Ancient Cremated Sparks,
Departed of all Life,
Spanning the Far Reaches,
they Mock our Hope,
the Stars are Lies.


  1. I love your take on the topic. Interesting, and worded beautifully.

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thank you. It’s been in the back of my mind for several nweeks and finally came to fruition.

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