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I Must Go Down To The Sea

November 10, 2013

I Must go Down to the Sea,
our First Mother Calls to Me,
I am Summoned,
by Billowing Waves,
Tossed with Foam,
the Buoyant Brine,
from Sparkling Turquoise Shallows,
to the Darkest Crushing Depths,
I hear Her Calling,
She Sings me to Sleep,
Rocking me in the Cradle,
of Her Salty Embrace,
I am Summoned,
by the Source of All Life,
our Ocean Mother,
a Harmony of Wind and Water,
She Hums in my Soul,
Moon Driven Tide,
Rhythm of the World,
Crashing, Pounding against the Land,
Water, I feel Her Cry,
in the Marrow of my Bones,
the Pulse of my Blood,
and the Beat of my Heart,
Matches Her Surge,
Bounteous Nurturer,
from Calm, the Gentle lappings,
to Tempest, Storm lashed Fury,
Her every Mood becomes My own,
I Must go Down to the Sea.



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