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November 10, 2013
The Dragon attacks...

The Dragon attacks… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A giant Serpent,
soaring among the clouds,
wings spread wide,
casting a huge shadow,
sparkling scales of red and green,
glittering in the sun,
a snaky neck swivels,
his great gleaming eyes,
glare avidly at the ground,
he spies his quarry,
he plummets steeply,
a gleaming arrow,
of Death Incarnate,
he exhales deeply,
a gout of flame,
bursts from his mouth,
men and beasts cry,
in pain as they burn,
engulfed by fire,
he circles and lands,
gluts his hunger,
picks through the remains,
seeking precious gems,
and rare metals to add to his horde,
he carries them away,
to his hidden lair,
to gloat over his prize,
he slumbers until he shall rise,
once more to search the skies.



From → Fiction, Poetry

  1. schizophrenicbunny permalink

    As I read this, I found a new feel to poetry (it felt story-esque — at least more imagery-wise), but then the last few lines made this poem so universal.

  2. This is fantastic! Love the imagery in the beginning and thank you for the link to my fictional story The Princess and the Water Dragon… Just wanted to let you know I recently changed my blog site address so the link no longer works to get to that blog post… Here is the new link … I love your work! You have definitely gained another follower 😀 Mad Cow Love! MCMB

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