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The Storm Of War

November 8, 2013


English: Tropical Storm Emily in the Caribbean...

English: Tropical Storm Emily in the Caribbean on August 2, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like Thunder,
Booming impending Doom,
the sounding,
distant rumble of Cannon,
the Guns of War.

Like Lightning,
Burning flashes,
the Bombs burst open,
spreading Havoc,
and Terror.

Fiery Flares blink,
illuminating the Battlefield,
then fade to Darkness,
concealing the Windrows,
of the Human Dead,
Battered down like Grain.

Like howling Winds,
the Cries of the Wounded,
split the air,
Screams of Pain,
Pleas for Mercy.

Like Rain,
Blood soaks the ground,
a muddy morass,
tinged by copper,
the Scent of Suffering.

Like Hail,
Pounding hard,
a Cloud of Bullets,
pours into the Ranks,
Reaping Carnage.

Fury unleashed,
Chaos given Form,
Death and Destruction,
Violence like no other,
this is War.

Like a sudden Storm,
it can come without Warning,
and can’t always,
be Controlled, Directed,
or brought to a Stop.



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