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The Wolf Pack

November 4, 2013
English: Wolves chasing an elk

English: Wolves chasing an elk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Lone Wolf Howls,
as the Mournful Echoes,
Fade away into Silence,
an Eerie Chorus,
of answering Calls Sound,
they Rendezvous in the Dusk,
The furry grey Pack Hunts,
Fleetly they Lope along,
over hard, frozen Ground,
their Breath Steams,
in the Frigid Air,
Winter is Come,
Silently they course,
Questing with keen Noses,
they find a Trail,
heavy with Scent,
they sight the Elk,
and Dash in Pursuit,
they Find their Quarry,
and Bring it to Bay,
they Close in,
Avid Eyes Gleaming,
Wicked Teeth Sharp,
Furry Projectiles Launch,
they strike Flesh,
hot Red Blood Flows,
Staining the white Snow,
the great Beast Bellows,
and Falls to his Knees,
they Pull him Down,
Surround him and Feast,
Quickly they Devour the Meat,
the Feast Finished,
they part Company,
until the Call,
to Assemble shall Peal.



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