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Heart Of Steel

November 1, 2013
The other rusty old car

The other rusty old car (Photo credit: Elizabeth Thomsen)

I awoke in a burning, molten crucible of metal. I was forged, molded, shaped, cooled, and given form. When I was new they painted me a bright electric blue that gleamed and shone. I had two large headlights, a graceful, flowing hood, and two doors. I took my first family on picnics, vacations, to work, to school, shopping, and home again. I loved them, I served them faithfully and well. I hardly ever broke down and was easily and cheaply repaired. But time passed and they betrayed me! I was sold. I went from one new owner to another, each one treating me worse. I began to feel angry. My paint faded to dull grey. I was tired and worn. My final owner abandoned me. Now I sit in a weed choked lot, encased behind a metal fence, discarded and forgotten. My front window is a gaping hole. My upholstery is tattered, torn, and stained. The hot sun blazes down on me. Slow days pass by and my rage grows. This is my reward for years of faithful service? I think not! I gather my strength. Night falls. My engine turns over. I shall have my revenge! I shift into drive and crash through the fence! I prowl the roads till I find my last owners house. I rev the engine! My tires smoke and squeal! I burst through the thin walls of wood! I crush him in his bed! I’ll track down the rest. I feel no mercy. I am a car. My heart is made of steel.

258 words in response to Flash! Friday # 48, 200 words (10-word leeway). Emily

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