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October 26, 2013


Doppelgangers (Photo credit: elvis_payne)

He had reached that stage of life termed as distinguished. The hair receding from his widow’s peak was fringed with grey. His face wore character lines. He wore a black suit, white shirt, and a tie. He appeared to be completely respectable, a banker perhaps, or a doctor. he chose his target carefully. A younger man in his late twenties, one neither handsome nor homely. He approached casually. He stood so that his gaze fell squarely on the others eyes. “Come quietly with me.” He said compellingly. He led his prey into the paneled study and closed the door, muffling the noise of the party outside. “Be still and silent.” He ordered. He placed the middle finger of each hand on the youngster’s temples. The eyes widened in panic as the fingers elongated and penetrated the skull. He began to suck the brain, through the fingers, up the arms, and into himself. He scoured every thought, dream, and memory, from the most vivid to the most obscure and made them his own. Finished, he dropped the empty husk and wiped his hands fastidiously. The body turned to dust. Wearing the appearance of his victim, the Doppelganger smiled evilly and stalked from the room. ***************************************************************************************************** 202 Words in response to Flash! Friday # 47, 200 words (5-word leeway). Emily

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