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The Examination

October 25, 2013

When the Clouds Roll By (1919). Public Domain. “Very interesting, very interesting indeed.” Doctor VonBruder pressed the middle finger of each hand to James’ temples. His eyes were narrowed intently over the blade of his nose. James eyed him skeptically. His mouth was a grim line. “Well Doctor, can you do anything about my condition?” “A most unusual case, my boy, most unusual.” He lowered his hands and straightened the cuffs of his dark suit. “Let me check my bag. AHA! I’ve got just the thing!” He exclaimed. He pulled out a large crystal dangling from a fine gold chain. VonBruder pointed to a nearby upholstered chair. “Sit, dear boy, sit.” Warily James sat down. “Now relax and make yourself comfortable. Watch the crystal closely.” The Doctor skillfully flicked his wrist and began to twirl and swing the crystal. It blazed with color. James was quickly mesmerized by the sparkling, flashing lights it cast. Sylvie waited impatiently in the next room. When VonBruder finally emerged she raced over to him. “Doctor, were you able to help my fiance?” She wrung her hands anxiously. The Psychiatrist shook his head. “I’m afraid not my dear. He still thinks he’s a chicken. Take heart, he’ll be cheap to feed and you can use the eggs. *************************************************************************************** 204 words in response to Flash! Friday # 47, 200 words (5-word leeway). Emily Related articles

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