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The Haunted Swamp

October 23, 2013

swamp (Photo credit: MikeLove)

In the month of June,
during the Dark of the Moon,
there can be seen an eerie Sight,
that comes in the Dead of the Night.

It starts with an eerie sheen,
a light a sickly shade of Green,
then burning Fireballs prance,
while Demons and Witches dance.

There are shining, whirling Lghts,
overhead soar hungry Kites,
the air is filled with loud Groans,
screeches, and terrifying Moans.

Swift and deadly Snakes,
prowl about the grassy Lakes,
come to life are rotting Bones,
Clattering together in Chilling tones.

Bodies rise up out of the Quicksand,
to walk on the Marshy Wetland,
Vultures give voice to shrill cries,
anyone who dares to enter Dies.

Everyone living near does Know,
that if Inside you decide to Go,
no one will hear you Shout,
and you will never come Out.

So don’t Play the Fool,
Death does the Swamp Rule.



From → Fiction, Nature, Poetry

  1. Great poem! I certainly wouldn’t go near that swamp 😉

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