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The Chipmunk And The Cat

October 22, 2013
English: Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus), G...

English: Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus), Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Chipmunk:

He scurries through the crunchy fall leaves that strew the ground. His tail pointing straight up. His small nose quivers, scenting the air as he searches. What is that he smells? He finds a nut. He sits on his hind legs, raises the nut with his paws and stuffs it into his bulging cheeks. He races to a nearby tree. Sharp little claws easily find purchase in the rough bark as he scampers up to his stash. His larder is starting to fill-up, but he needs more. Hurry, hurry, winter is coming! He darts down again, alert for danger. He frantically gathers food against the coming time of famine. This time he finds a seed. He is hungry. He pauses a moment to eat it, then resumes his foraging.

Cat window-gazing

Cat window-gazing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cat:

The tom sits in the living room window. His nose presses against the glass. “Crunchy Rodent! Crunchy Rodent!” He growls. He watches the small striped chipmunk scurrying on the ground. His tail lashes slowly back and forth. His muscles are tense, poised to leap. The prey is right there, just a few feet away. He licks his chops. He imagines pouncing on the chipmunk. Hearing it squeak in terror as he crunches down and feels the hot gush of blood fill his mouth. He gnashes his teeth in frustration. He is hungry, but he is trapped inside and the chipmunk is outside. All he can do is watch it.

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: The Difference Point Of View Makes. Emily

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