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My 3 Words # 46

October 20, 2013
Mad scientist caricature

Mad scientist caricature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mad scientist hovered above,

his chosen target location,

safely inside his blimp,

he didn’t feel the least bit sorry,

as he pushed the button,

that unleashed his despite,

in the form of a series of earthquakes,

that flattened Washington DC to a giant pancake. *************************************************************************************************** In response to 3 words 20131020: day 293. Today’s words: earthquakes, above, inside, despite, and sorry. Emily


From → Challenges, Poetry

  1. I like the archaic use of the word “despite”. Very interesting. 🙂

    • emilykarn permalink

      I read a lot of historical romances where they use this form of the word. I thought that it added punch to the poem.

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