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The Last Bastion

October 18, 2013
Aurora australis

Aurora australis (Photo credit: Veronica Foale)

The eerie green light of the aurora danced in the sky above the station. The stars and planets burned bright, as pitiless as the barren, frigid landscape. A bitterly cold wind snapped the dozens of black flags that stood sentinel over the dead entombed in the ice. Flakes of snow whirled in the gelid air. The yellow light of the incandescent bulb swiftly faded to a dim beacon of red at the station door, a promise of safety and hope.

Captain Frank stared at the map in despair. He was grey with fatigue and stood hunched over. A single white pin marked their location. The rest of the world was a sea of black with a few small spots dotted in red. “Sir, sir!” an excited Private burst through the door.

“Calm down soldier and report!” He snapped.

“Sir, yes sir! We just got a signal from the shortwave radio sir. It’s from a cruise boat sir. They report that they have 600 men, women, and children free from infection headed our way sir!”

“Excellent news son, excellent! Prepare quarters for them.”

“Yes sir, right away sir!” The Private saluted and rushed out.

The Captain straightened up and squared his shoulders. A determined gleam lit his eyes. “You won’t win, you bastard! We’ll beat you yet! We’ll survive here, where it’s too cold for you to thrive and someday we will destroy you! We are the Last Bastion of Humanity and we shall not fall!” The Commander of the Antarctic Station snarled his defiance at the Zombie Virus.

257 Words in response to Flash! Friday # 46, 250 words with a 10-word leeway. Emily

  1. Great scene setting!

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