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A Bachelor Knight

October 15, 2013

Knights (Photo credit: photon_de)

A bachelor Knight
my Duty is to Slay
the Minions of Evil
under my Lord’s Banner
I ride my mighty Steed
proud and strong
I swing my sharp Sword
accurate and keen
reaping a bloody Harvest
Ogres, Drow, Bandits, Wolves,
Orcs, Giants, Dragons,
Sorcerers, Monsters, and more
have felt my keen Blade
many a Lance have I
Shattered in the Melee
Seven Years I have Toiled
Earning a Name
Whispered Fearfully
in the Darkness
by my Enemies
and Praised by the Maidens
who were in Distress
or Lauded by
the Princesses who from
Peril were Rescued
I’m the Bachelor Knight.

99 words in response to Trifecta: Week Ninety-Nine, 99 words (no leeway) any word and definition from page 99 of the Oxford English Dictionary babushka/back displayed. Bachelor: noun,3 hist a young knight serving under another’s banner. Emily

  1. This has a great rhythm to it. I love the subject too – the romantic nature of the bachelor knight.

  2. This makes being a bachelor knight sound pretty good 🙂

    • emilykarn permalink

      I’m sure that the reality included lots of dirt, hard work, poor food, lousy weather, and poor sleeping conditions.

  3. I’m so enjoying all of the different places all of these words are taking you guys this week. Thanks so much for linking up. Don’t forget to vote for your top three.

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thank you. I had fun chosing the word and definition that moved me the most.

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