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The Trek

October 11, 2013

Dog on Colma di Mombarone. Photo by Dan Fador.

He was the sole survivor of the life boat crash into Idaho on the planet Earth. Most of his equipment had been destroyed. Thankfully his translator had escaped so he understood what the natives were saying. This world didn’t belong to the Coalition, so he had been forced to disguise himself from the locals. The homing beacon pulsed slow and green, pointing east. He hitched a ride with a friendly family in their car as far as Kentucky. They called him Sam. He got other rides to the coast. The beacon still pointed east. A nice man smuggled him aboard ship and he crossed the ocean. He landed in Italy and traveled to Turin. He had to hurry, the beacon pulsed a fast yellow. He topped the crest of Colma di Mombarone. The emergency rendezvous was within sight. Footsore and weary he paused. Hurry, hurry! The beacon began to pulse rapid red. He ran down the stony hillside. An alarm blared from the beacon. His heart pounding he raced for the ramp. Almost there, just a few more feet! The ramp retracted. The rescue ship blasted off. Sam raised his head and howled his despair. Stranded in the form of a dog, he was left behind.

205 words in response to Flash! Friday # 45, 200 words with a 10-word leeway. Emily

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