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My 3 Words # 30

October 4, 2013
Crime Scene

Crime Scene (Photo credit: Clover_1)

The excavation of the old church

became a pure mess

when it became a crime scene

after finding a body inside the foundation

and the priest confessed to murder.

In response to 3 Words 20131004: day 277.
Today’s words: confess, pure, inside, excavation, scene. Emily

  1. oh, no! beaker!!!

  2. CREATOR permalink

    Am the writer of Paradox. Glad my work could be assistance to you. 🙂 honoured

    • emilykarn permalink

      I enjoyed your post. Thank you.

      • CREATOR permalink

        Really surprised you like it, I also like your posts, episode 10 will be out this week. how did you even discover the blog ? Because am having problem publicizing it

      • I’m following you now and your next episode will come up in my reader. My only suggestions are to add categories and tagging , also you might consider increasing the size of your font. I had to up my screen to 125% to make it comfortable to read. You might also look into joining mystery groups. I write a lot of poetry band scifi/fantasy. i’ve joined several groups with similar intrests and have gotten some good feedback and new followers. Good luck!

    • It came up on Zemanta on WordPress when I entered “Crime scene” in the search box. There were about a dozen posts listed. I read all of them. Yours was one that seemed to fit the theme of my post. The Daily Post had an article about increasing your readership several weeks ago. Try checking for it. Sorry I can’t remember the title. Good luck. I’ll be looking for your next installment. Interested to see where you go with it.

      • CREATOR permalink

        Okay, thanks. You’re the first person in another continent who claims to like it. And you can also tell others about it, and how do I alert you when I release more installment ?

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