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The Laws Of Cats # 13

September 29, 2013
Basking in the sunshine

Basking in the sunshine (Photo credit: Takashi(aes256))


Basking (Photo credit: maury.mccown)

This is the thirteenth Law of Cats.

No matter how inconvenient it is for any Human involved, the Cat is going to bask itself in the sun puddle.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a sun puddle is the patch of light formed by the sun coming in through a door or window and falling on the floor or other object. One of Selleck’s favorite sun puddles lands in the middle of the hallway. I have to sidle around him as he stretches out all over the floor. Heaven help me if I’m trying to do some crafting when the sun falls on my lap. He jumps up and shoves anything blocking his light out of his way. He has even gone so far as to gently nip my hand when I try to move him. He will also dig in his claws and refuse to budge. He does love the sun. I can feel the vibration of his purring against my legs. Emily

  1. Thanks for having Misi as a related article. Misi is so excited.

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