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Mercy Mission Flight

September 27, 2013

Child. Photo by Alexis/El Caminante

The Plague devastated the United States first. Only one in a thousand of the infected population survived. It was also the country that created the Cure before the rest of the world could suffer the same fate. The future of the country was grim. The other nations joined together in gratitude to avert further tragedy. The Mercy Mission Flight was created and instituted.

“Charlie Foxtrot Seven inbound for delivery,”

“How’s it look CF7?”

“We’ve got a fair-sized crowd gathered below.”

“You are cleared to make your drop.”

The blades of the copter’s rotors beat the air. The setting sun painted the clouds a bright orange. “Package away!” Eager hands stretched skyward to catch the falling object. “Package safely delivered.” The helicopter buzzed away. Leaving a pair of ecstatic parents gripping the squirming, healthy little boy tightly in their arms. That had been the most horrific aspect of the Plague, only the children had been affected.

154 words in response to Flash! Friday # 43, 150 word limit with a 5-word leeway. Emily

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