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An Extremly Bad Cat!

September 26, 2013
A basic litter box and a bag of litter

A basic litter box and a bag of litter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other evening a Certain Kitty (who shall remain nameless for his own protection), was an EXTREMELY BAD CAT!  He jumped up on my kitchen counter top and peed all over the counter and my dirty dishes! I got out the bleach and I cleaned the mess up after I shut him in the bathroom. The dishes soaked in bleach overnight and I washed them in the hottest, soapiest water three times, scrubbing them thoroughly before I used them again. Concerned that his action might be the first symptom of a medical problem I contacted a local veterinarian.

After I answered a number of questions the Vet Said. “I’ve got good news for you. It isn’t a medical issue, it’s a behavioral problem.”
“Well what’s causing it?” I queried.

“Any changes in the household, new people or pets?”

“Any changes in diet?”

“Any changes of any kind in the environment?”
“I did get some new litter to try.”

“What kind of litter?”

“The new biodegradable sawdust kind.”
“What kind of litter is your cat used to?”

“The clay kind.”
“That’s your problem. He doesn’t recognize the sawdust as litter. Just like some cats are finicky eaters, other cats are very picky about the kind of litter they use.”
“I’ve used different brands before!” I objected.
“But they’ve all been the same type of clay litter, haven’t they?”
“Scrub out your litter box. Switch back to your regular brand and things should be fine. Contact me if they aren’t.”
Much relieved I did as he suggested. It’s been over two weeks and no more “Accidents”. Who knew? The store where I bought the new litter was good enough to give me a refund on the unused portion, so at least I got some of my money back. Emily

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