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He’s An Animal

September 24, 2013
Archangel Michael From the S. Antony church of...

Archangel Michael From the S. Antony church of St. Ulrich in Gröden – Ortisei Val Gardena Italy. painter Josef Moroder-Lusenberg 1876. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s an Animal,
a true Sexy Beast,
from the bottom of his very large feet,
to the top of his jet-black hair,
a magnificent Hunk of testosterone,
six-and-a-half feet of tanned male physique,
well muscled and smoothly moving,
he stalks, strides, and prowls,
a rippling invitation to drooling,
possessing the stamina to last for hours,
with burning jade-green eyes that devour you,
he can strip you naked,
with a single piercing glance,
a mouth made for cruel kisses,
the face of a Warrior Angel,
fierce and stern, yet beautiful,
Sex-on-a Stick!,
he is the embodiment of every Woman’s Dream.

127 words In response to Trifecta: Week Ninety-Six, Between 33 and 333 words, Animal: 3: a human being considered chiefly as physical or nonrational; also: this nature

  1. margitsage permalink

    Love the line, “he can strip you naked, with a single piercing glance”. Where are you hiding this gorgeous male specimen? I’d like a look, just for scientific purposes, you see. Fun piece.

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thanks. I’m afraid you’re out of luck, he only exists in my imagination.

  2. Haha…I wonder if thoughts like that (lust) about an archangel earn a non-stop ticket to Hell? 🙂 Had to chuckle at sex-on-a-stick…

    • emilykarn permalink

      They have every thing else on a stick these days, why not sex? As for sexy angels, I think it would be worth the trip.

  3. Hmm I wonder if you could market sex on a stick and have stalls at the mall? Love the descriptions and the comparison to the angel. Quite ironic.

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