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The Odd Fellows Home

September 20, 2013
English: Front of the main building of the , l...

English: Front of the main building of the , located at 404 E. McCreight in Springfield, , . Built in 1881, it is listed on the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The old, three-story tall, Gothic, brick building boasted a spire, two turrets, and several gables. It was named the Odd Fellows Home for Orphans, Indigent, and Aged it sat in the middle of an immaculate expanse of neatly manicured lawns, bushes, and trees. The only visible eye-sore was the old concrete fountain. It was encased by a metal frame covered by mesh. Dark things were whispered about the Home. Orphans ran away, Indigent disappeared and the Aged died unexpectedly. There were investigations of course, but nothing was ever proven and no charges were ever made. Rumors that the Odd Fellows dabbled in Magic abounded.
The air was dead still. The reeds filling the old fountain rustled and bent as though blown by a breeze. Strange chirps and groans sounded. The mesh caging the fountain billowed and waved. A small trickle of water oozed from the base of the fountain. Dusk was falling rapidly. The water in the fountain began to bubble and swirl. Creaks and eerie groans emitted from the reeds. The mesh bulged as though an invisible form was testing its’ strength. A visitor appeared. The fountain and reeds went still, waiting tensely. He seemed friendly and inoffensive. He wore a welcoming smile and a sweater over his slacks. The forces in the fountain gathered themselves. The visitor walked closer to the fountain. He was chipper and singing a happy tune. The visitor was famous for being a pleasant, patient, compassionate, and moral man. The invisible form reached out and grasped him. The Darkness in the fountain wrapped itself around the visitor and sank into him. All of the Evil he had deposited in the fountain so many decades ago reclaimed his soul.

“Welcome to my neighborhood, Mr. Rogers!” Fred shouted in rage as the sundered spirit reunited with its’ parent.

301 words in response to Flash! Friday # 42, 300 words with a 10 word leeway. Emily

  1. Peter Alexander Vaughn permalink

    Look at that place! Amazing.

    • emilykarn permalink

      I agree, the contest director has a knack for chosing interesting photos and artwork.

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