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A Terrble Dark Beauty

September 14, 2013
English: watchfire in Jarnoltow - Nysa - Polan...

English: watchfire in Jarnoltow – Nysa – Poland Polski: Ognisko – Jarnołtów k. Nysy – woj. Opolskie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have Plumbed the Depths of my Soul,
Spelunked the fathomless Caverns,
Explored the Farthest reaches,
and found a Terrible Dark Beauty.
Evil dwells within my Self,
an endless Array of Wicked Impulses:
Arson, Cruelty, Death, Deceit, Destruction, Envy, Fury, Hate,
Jealousy, Lies, Lust, Mayhem, Murder, Rage, and Torture,
the entire range of Evil rules there.
Faintly I see a Glimmer of Light,
a tiny, faint, Flickering Flame,
a Spark of: Goodness, Hope, Love and Mercy,
encysted in the Darkness.
Tenderly I stoke the Flame,
till it Blazes high and Bright,
carefully I Fan the Fire,
into a Raging Beacon of Light,
I gently bank it and feed it slowly,
and bask in its warmth,
I tend my Watchfire constantly,
lest it gutter out and Die.
Darkness still Lurks in the Shadows,
My Light keeps it at bay,
I strive to be a better person each day,
so it may not be Extinguished.


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