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The Dust

September 13, 2013
A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas in 1935. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thick, choking plumes of Dust roiled and billowed in the sky as it advanced inexorably upon the house. A strange buzzing roar filled the air. “Get inside Sarah!” Tom ordered harshly. She obeyed like good wife. Their clothing was dripping wet from the water he had pumped over them. They darted inside. Gloom fell over the house despite it being noon on a summer day. Heavy wet blankets draped the kitchen table, dripping onto the floor. “Get under there!” She ducked, and crawled between the wooden legs. The blankets turned the table into a dark, stifling cave. A match flared and Tom lit the kerosene lantern. He turned the wick low so there was only the faintest light. A bucket of water sat beside it. He wet two bandanas. He handed one to her. “Tie this over your nose and mouth.” He directed as he covered his own. The stinging particles of Dust began to filter into the house. “Remember to keep your skin covered! The Virus gets in through your lungs or skin.” The Dust isn’t going to drive me away! I’ll die first!” Tom shouted over the roar of The Dust. Dust landed on the open sore. She watched indifferently as it was absorbed into her blood stream. She covered the wound so Tom couldn’t see it. She felt a fever raging in her body. She turned her face away and bit her lips to silence the groans of pain. She convulsed as her form was rewritten. Sarah Changed. Tom stared at her in horror. His shaking hands reached for the gun at his hip. He shot at her and missed. She ripped out his throat. “Order obeyed!” Sarah the Werewolf growled.

351 words in response to Flash! Friday # 41, 350 words with a 10-word leeway. Emily

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