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A Doll Named Marylee

September 12, 2013
English: Promotional postcard for the televisi...

English: Promotional postcard for the television program Captain Kangaroo. Shown from left are: Dancing Bear, Bunny Rabbit, Captain Kangaroo, Grandfather Clock, Mister Moose, and Mister Green Jeans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite toy growing up was a baby doll I named Marylee. I loved her. I received her for a Christmas present when I was five or six. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes that opened and closed when you moved her. Her neck, arms and legs also moved. She had pink lips that had an opening for her baby bottle. She came with three outfits: a play dress, a party dress, and a nightgown. She also had a pair of shoes, socks, and her baby bottle. Her cheeks were rosy and her skin fair. She was just the right size to cuddle in my arms.

She got her name from a female character on the Captain Kangaroo Show, a popular kids program back then, which I watched all the time. I put her through all kinds of adventures. She was kidnapped by pirates, Indians, and space aliens. She went to tea parties and balls. She explored the far reaches of Earth and my imagination. She was: a doctor, a nurse, a veterinarian, an astronaut, a model, a dancer, a movie star, and a farmer. She was frequently bathed, fed with her bottle and tucked in for a nap. She endured floods, fires, avalanches, and tornadoes. She rode in her carriage, on horses, on the family dog, and on my back. She was my constant companion. I was very upset when I wasn’t allowed to take her to school with me. I told her every secret. She was my best friend. I still have her. She is tucked safely away in a storage box. She’s somewhat worse for wear. Her paint has faded and chipped. She has to wear a wig because all of her original hair fell out from all of the shampooing I gave it. Her left eye sticks shut. Her outfits are ragged and worn from the many times she was dressed and undressed. They have been mended in several places. Her shoes and socks disappeared along the way. Several years ago I bought her new ones and a new outfit. She was an important part of my childhood. I still love her. Emily Written in response to Daily Prompt: Toy Story, What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy? PS. Thanks to the Daily Post for using my suggestion.

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