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The Laws Of Cats # 12

September 11, 2013
Strange eating habit

Strange eating habit (Photo credit: Striving to a goal)

cat eating leftovers

cat eating leftovers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 This is the twelfth Law of Cats.
Cats love Human food!

Selleck particularly likes: dairy products (especially cheese!), eggs, poultry, seafood, hamburger, and bacon. I don’t dare leave a glass of milk unattended or a “Bad Kitty!” tongue is lapping it up! He will also try to eat my scrambled eggs and bacon! He even likes the occasional cheese puff or piece of buttered popcorn. He also enjoys licking out the tuna fish can. He knocks it around like a hockey putt on the floor he is so eager to get every drop of the fish-flavored oil. He loves it when I have shrimp, I give him the tails to eat. I have learned the hard way, put the food in the fridge, the microwave, or the oven if I need to step away from it for more than a few seconds or he will help himself to it. Emily

  1. I wonder what the difference is in cats. Neither Babyboy nor MsKitty like people food. I even have a hard time trying to get them to eat real chicken, beef, turkey that is in cat food!! And they don’t drink milk. Turn their nose up every time lol

  2. All of my cats have loved human food. One of them even liked liver! Some of my brother’s cats eat Doritos and Nachos!

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