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Sleeping Beauty: Reality Check

September 9, 2013
Prince Florimund finds the "Sleeping Beau...

Prince Florimund finds the “Sleeping Beauty” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tell us a story-fiction or nonfiction-with a twist we can’t see coming.

Everything happened to me just as the evil fairy planned. I pricked my finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel and fell into an enchanted sleep. The rest of the court joined me. The good fairies raised a forest of trees, brambles, and thorns around the castle to protect us.

A hundred years passed and my Prince found the castle. He cut his way through the thorns and brambles. He climbed the stairs to the tower and found my chamber. He entered and saw me. Overcome with love he knelt beside me and woke me with his kiss. My lips still tingled as I awoke. I sat up and opened my eyes. I saw and heard my Prince. He was handsome. He was also gagging and retching onto the floor. What had he expected? I had been asleep for a century! It was only natural that I have a serious case of morning breath! As for living happily ever after? Hah! To this day he still won’t kiss me unless I’ve just gargled with the strongest mouthwash on the market.

In response to the Daily Prompt: What A Twist!

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