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The Laws Of Cats # 10

September 4, 2013
H365/119 cats on laps

H365/119 cats on laps (Photo credit: djfiander)

There seems to be a cat on my lap.

There seems to be a cat on my lap. (Photo credit: fuzzcat)

This is the 10th Law of Cats.

They possess an uncanny sense of timing.

This allows them to curl up in your lap just minutes before you need to get up. You are left facing a dilemma. Do you let the cap finish its nap no matter how inconvenient it may be? Or do you make the cat get up and suffer the dirty look it is sure to give you? Selleck is particularly fond of this trick but I have yet to meet a cat who will not employ it eventually. He has perfected the “You disturbed me!” look. He uses it on me constantly. They also “help” you with projects at the most inconvenient moments. Selleck was trying to assist my typing a few minutes ago. I love him in spite of his sometimes annoying behavior. Emily

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