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Rescuing Prince Charming

August 30, 2013
Unicornio - Salvador Nunez

Unicornio – Salvador Nunez

“You need a flying carpet.”

Carpet “Destination?”

“I want to find Prince Charming.”

“Processing. Prince Geoffry currently available.”

Unicornio “You’ll need to buy a magical paintbrush.”

“A paintbrush?” The winged fairy asked bewildered.

“To break the curse.”

They lifted off. Hours later they arrived. On a desolate clifftop they located their quarry. Barefoot he sat at a table staring fixedly at the portrait of the Wizard on the Door standing by itself. A green dragon soared through the clouds beneath them

“Who is that tiny caped woman next to the miniature tree?”

“Oh, that’s just the last person who tried to free the Prince.”

“Hello there!” She called and waved.

The Prince completly ignored her.

“I asked for Prince Charming, not Prince Becharmed!” She stamped her foot on the carpet in irritation.

Carpet “Geoffry is the only available Prince with Charm in his name.”

“That’s what I get for renting an economy class carpet!” She exclaimed disgustedly. “Well, I’m already here. What do I do?”

“You must paint over the Wizard’s eyes to break his gaze.”

She obeyed. “Why is there a snail on the back of the Door?”

Snail “I represent the current speed of Geoffry’s thoughts.”

“Next you must remove the Dunce Cap from his head.”

“Who, what?” Geoffry blurted.

“I’m Maileeah, I’ve come to rescue you.”

“Prince Geoffry pick up the shovel and dig.” Unicornio ordered.

“What am I digging for?”

“Your wits.”

Restored to normal Geoffry was quickly able to solve the riddle that opened the padlock on the Portal in the Dead Tree. He grasped Maileeah’s hand tightly as they stepped through under the moon’s light. “I can’t wait to see the look on my Wicked Stepmother‘s face.” He gloated. “She’ll have a fit when she learns I’m alive and well.” Maileeah sighed deeply, at 543 you settled for what you could get.


In response to Flash! Friday # 39, 300 word story (10-word leeway)

This is a slightly different version from my original entry,
I thought of several small changes to make it flow better after I had already posted my entry naturally.

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