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A Scream In The Night

August 27, 2013
Wild Rabbit_4571

Wild Rabbit_4571 (Photo credit: Bobolink)

T. a. delicatula in flight

T. a. delicatula in flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It started raining yesterday morning around 6:00am. The humidity came with it. It came down off and on most of the day. Around 7:30 pm it started pounding down buckets. That lasted till sometime around 10:30pm. I had my bedroom window open because of the humidity. That’s when I heard the scream in the night. Most people think that rabbits are mute, not so. They can vocalize, it’s just that they seldom do so. Last night was one of the rare exceptions. I heard the flutter of soft wings as an owl swooped down on its prey. Then the high-pitched, shrill scream of a dying rabbit. The sound is a little eerie at night. The rabbit thrashed for several seconds before dying. I then heard the owl carry away its food. Nature can be cruel at times. Emily


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