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The Honeymoon

August 23, 2013
Where Next - Edward Brewtnall

Where Next – Edward Brewtnall

Blake sat in the corner. He was of average height and looks. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a plain brown suit, a white shirt, a lighter brown waistcoat, a simple green tie, and a gold watch chain. Lenore sat beside him on the bench. She was also average in appearance. Her light red hair was dressed in a simple bun. She wore an ivory sprigged muslin walking dress lightly spotted with pale flowers. There was a single layer of short lace at her wrists and neck. The bustle of the dress was small and discrete. A blue ribbon fastened her collar. A single red rose was pinned to her left shoulder next to the collar. She leaned forward eagerly against Blake. His left arm tenderly wrapped around her, his hand resting on her shoulder. Her head brushed against his as they considered the map he held in his right hand. Her right index finger pointed elegantly at their next destination. Her lacy white scarf and plain straw hat were draped on the back of the side chair. The remains of their breakfast littered the far end of the table. A gentle breeze laden with sweet floral scents wafted into the sunny porch. The surf pounded gently in the background. “This is the best honey moon ever, Dearest!” She said enthusiastically. “These Human Realms are so interesting!”

“Anything for you Sweetheart.” Blake gallantly replied. The two Demons beamed at each other in delight as they contemplated the next place they would terrorise.


In response to Flash! Friday # 38, 250-word story (10-word leeway)

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