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The Gremlin

August 22, 2013
So this is a Gremlin...

So this is a Gremlin… (Photo credit: Perrenque)

Photo by Bild Bundesarchiv, Wiki Commons

 I originally started this story Aug 2 for the Flash! Friday # 35 Contest. If you are unfamiliar with Flash! Friday Contests they involve writing microstories based on a photo. The limit for this one was 200 words, it also requested a steam punk/fantasy element with a surprise twist. I ran out of time Friday. I finally finished it and am posting it today. Here is my take.

The Gremlin

Scott’s tongue protruded from between his lips as he concentrated on gingerly removing the small piece of metal jammed between the gears of the Machine.

Balding Andrew stared at Scott as he asked fretfully . “Can you get it?”

“The Machine was bollixed up properly.” Scott replied.

“How did He get in this time? We’ve upgraded our security again and again!”

“Obviously you’ve missed something.” Douglass pompously stated. He watched Scott’s every move with an eagle-eyed gaze.

“Got it!” Scott shouted triumphantly.

“Double check everything to make sure that’s all.” Douglass demanded.

“It’s fine now.” Scott said.

“Let’s close it up and get back into operation, it’s going to be tight.” Andrew sounded worried.

“All set.” Scott announced.

“Push the button, and start the Machine.” Douglass ordered.

Andrew pressed his thumb to the large button. Gauges came to life and with a clanking whirr the Machine sprang into motion.

“We’re safe, the Dragon will get his delivery on time.” Douglass sighed in relief.

Lurking in the screened air vent behind the fan the Gremlin smirked evilly. He chortled nastily. “I’ll get you yet.” They left. Behind them the World”s Largest Coffee Maker perked its hundreds of gallons of Espresso.


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