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WWC 1,000 Words #4: Keisha’s Story

August 20, 2013
Alone on the playground

Alone on the playground

It is a sunny day. It is somewhere in some city. A go-round sits on the brown bricks paving the courtyard. The base is black. The deck is a bright yellow with large blue, green, and pink stars scattered over it. The large center pole is red. A wheel is set perpendicularly to the pole about four feet up. Six carousel figures stand from their poles. A green Jiminy cricket with an elongated nose, black top hat, black shoes, yellow gloves, and an orange coat that forms the saddle. He is crouched as if running on all fours. His pole is green. Tigger with his orange body and black stripes is mounted on an orange pole. The tip of his tail is kinked at a ninety degree angle to the rest of it. A giraffe with a yellow body with black spots is mounted on a blue pole. He wears a white blanket with a red saddle on top of it. A white rabbit on a silver pole. A yellow Winnie-the-Pooh is on a silver pole streaked with red paint. He is down on all four paws. He wears a huge smile. A white horse with a black mane, tail, and hooves. He wears a yellow saddle with a floral design and has a yellow pole. A silver chain link fence separates the go-round from the alley. It is mounted on a thick black pole. The fence meets up with a piece of corrugated silver metal between the fence and the building. A small pile of items lurk in the back ground in the alley. The upper right edge of the metal gaps slightly away from the building. The go-round sits in front of an old red brick building with white mortar and a black door. A black piece of conduit or hose snakes down the left side of the door. The threshold is more red brick and white mortar. A picture window framed in black metal and divided in half by a sliding section faces the go-round. The tops of two chairs can be seen in the bottom of the window. Like a dark mirror it reflects the yellow stone building with white trim and mortar and arched windows across the courtyard. There are also some green plants that are faintly visible. A girl sits on the edge of the go-round next to Jiminy. She is dark-skinned and black-haired. Her eyes are closed and her head is cocked to one side as if she were listening to something. She is young. She is wearing a printed t-shirt and Hello Kitty blue jeans. She doesn’t notice that her Uncle Dwayne is taking a photo of her. Her name is Keisha, this is her story.

Keisha sat alone on the go-round. It was better to be outside alone than inside with her parents shouting at each other and fighting. Her two older sisters were at school. Keisha was too young to go all day. She was only five. She went to school for half a day in the morning and she had just gotten home. She had run outside when the yelling started. Her parents fought a lot lately. It kept getting louder and more violent each time. Daddy had lost his job some time ago and wasn’t having any luck finding a new one. Mommy kept calling Daddy a worthless loser. Her voice was shrill and sharp when she said it. Mommy was upset about having to pay the bills alone. Mommy kept screaming about the scary word that started with a d. Mommy spelled the word in front of Keisha and her sisters. “D-I-V-O-R-C-E!” Keisha was young, but she already knew what that word meant, even if she couldn’t pronounce it. Her friend Cissy’s parents had done it last year. Cissy had been very upset and scared. Daddy would move out and only visit on occasion. Mommy would be sad and cry all the time. She pressed her body closer to the Jiminy Cricket carousel figure and shivered in her t-shirt and Hello Kitty jeans. She wasn’t cold, it was a warm September day. She was frightened that everything would change now. She and her sisters and Mommy might even have to move away from the red brick house next to the go-round to a place not nearly as nice. Cissy and her Mother had left two months ago. They moved out of their house because they could no longer pay for it. Things were so bad for them that they had to move into a shelter. Keisha never saw Cissy any more. It was too far from the shelter to Keisha’s house. Keisha hoped that it wouldn’t happen to her family. She heard the crash of glass shattering as Mommy threw something at Daddy. The yelling got louder. Daddy shouted the bad b word at Mommy. His voice was large and harsh. He slammed out the front door. Keisha’s mouth got washed out with soap if she said that word. Tears trickled down Keisha’s cheeks and she wiped her face on the screen-printed t-shirt. She bit her lips to keep from shouting “Stop it!” at the top of her lungs. It wouldn’t do any good. Her parents would just ignore her and keep fighting. Her stomach ached with her upset feelings. She wrapped her arms around her slender body tightly. Even the go-round didn’t comfort her now. Daddy’s car squealed away from the curb. Keisha could hear Mommy banging and crashing around the inside of the house.

“Keisha, where are you girl? Get your butt in the house right now!” Her Mommy shouted at her. Her knees quivering with fear Keisha obeyed. Her Uncle Dwayne came up to her and squeezed her right shoulder gently. “Don’t worry kid, things will work out. I’ll always be here for you.” he said in his rich bass voice. Somewhat at ease Keisha trudged inside to face Mommy. Uncle Dwayne walked beside her. His large hand a comforting weight on her back.

1,000 words in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words #4, write a post based on the image. Emily


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