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The Laws Of Cats # 7

August 19, 2013
Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat (Photo credit: Derek Bridges)

A cat playing with a orange lace

A cat playing with a orange lace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are laws that govern cat behavior. Here is the seventh law that I have observed.

Playtime is important.

If you don’t provide your cat(s) with toys they will find their own. When I visit my brother, I have seen his cats fishing in the trash can. They pull out the rings from the gallon milk jugs and play cat-hockey with them. I remember that years ago, one of the barn cats, a black-and-brown tabby female named Sheba had an interesting habit. She would stroll down the walkway between the mangers after the cows had been fed their hay. She would find a piece of thicker material, usually pigweed or ragweed. She would pick up one end with her mouth. Grasping it firmly between her teeth, she would start spinning in circles. She would twirl around trying to catch the loose end with her paws until she staggered to a dizzy stop. She would do this for several minutes every few days. It was hilarious. Emily

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