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Clingy Cat

August 17, 2013
Crystal, the Office Supply Cat...

Crystal, the Office Supply Cat… (Photo credit: Planetrussell)

Can animals suffer from seperation anxiety? Since Bandit’s death Selleck has been far more clingy than usual. He is still calling for her and looking for her. This morning I went outside for half-an-hour to get the mail and hang up my clothes to dry. When I came inside Selleck acted like I had been gone for days instead of minutes. He ran up to me meowing and frantically rubbed against my legs. As soon as I sat down he jumped up onto my lap. I can feel the vibration of his fierce purring though I still don’t hear it. I have to physically put him on the floor whenever I want to stand up. He follows at my heels every second. It’s as if he’s afraid that I am going to disappear also. I hope that he relaxes soon. He looks like the cat Crystal in the photo. Emily


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  1. That is normal. People assume animals don’t bond with others and nothing could be further from the truth, Your cat is grieving. There are some things that may help. Feliway has a calming pheromone spray or diffuser you can use. Rescue Remedy is a natural calming agent. They may help.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thak you for your codolences and the information. I may give the calmers a try. Emily

  2. When our cat died, the other cat went round crying and sniffing the air for her, it was so sad. Lots of cuddles needed for both of you x

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