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The Great Cow Roundup

August 14, 2013
A dairy farm in Cincinnatus, New York. Dansk: ...

A dairy farm in Cincinnatus, New York. Dansk: En farm nær Oxford, New York Italiano: Fattoria nello stato di New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I grew up on a daity farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. All of our pastures had names: the Orchard ( site of the old apple orchard), The Night Pasture, the Day pasture, the High Ground, the New Ground, and the Far ground. Every year late in the spring around April or May we would load up all the yearling heifers and truck them to a pasture we called the Far Ground. It was several acres of fenced land several miles away from the farm. There was an old barn foundation in the pasture. We would let the livestock run wild all summer long. Late in August or September depending on how cold the weather was, we would have a roundup. It was an all-hands job. We would block all but one entrance to the foundation with trucks and tractors. We then drove the cows into the pen and caught them. After running free for months they were pretty wild. We would load them in the trucks, tie them up, and haul them home. It usually took us three or four hours to accomplish the deed. There were always lots of bruises and much cursing. Emily

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