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The Laws Of Cats # 6

August 12, 2013
Trivet Valencia by Ulla Procopé

Trivet Valencia by Ulla Procopé (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

jacko laptop ..jpg

jacko laptop ..jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is another of the laws of cats. One I have learned by painful experience, both mine and my cats.

Cats like to try to trip people up.

This law applies in particular if you are carrying something heavy, bulky, or awkward. The cat will choose that moment to twine around your legs and feet. Also if you are trying to carry a hot casserole dish or roasting pan the cat will be right there. For my safety and theirs I have learned to shut them in the bathroom when I am going to transfer the turkey from the oven to the trivet on the counter. They also enjoy lurking behind you when you are working at the kitchen counter. If you don’t check first, you step on them when you step back from the counter. My cats do this 60% of the time. 40% of the time they are behind me when I go to step away from the bathroom counter as well. They have learned the hard way that people don’t see as well in the dark as cats do. I have kicked them or stepped on them accidentally many times when I get up in the night. Fortunately nothing worse than some bruises and scratches have happened to any of us. Bandit has a bad habit. She will be walking in front of me down the hallway. Suddenly she will stop. Then when I try to step to the side around her she will decide to start walking there. I try to sidestep the other way and she switches direction and stops again. It can be very frustrating. They also enjoy sitting other places where they can get in your way, like the cat sitting on the computer in the photo. Emily

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