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If It Could Go Wrong

August 11, 2013
electric burner

electric burner (Photo credit: davidgreystahl)


sizzle! (Photo credit: sweet mandy kay)

   Yesterday was one of those days. If it could go wrong it did. It started when my clock radio alarm didn’t go off or so I thought. I had it set to wake to music. I found out that somehow the night before I had accidentally turned the volume all the way down so I couldn’t hear it go off. Next I didn’t pay enough attention to my fried egg and it wound up somewhat scorched. Then the basket in the washing machine got unbalanced. I had to shut off the washer and redistribute the load. My computer got locked up and refused to work for several hours while it rested. I then had to reset a number of my passwords including the one for this blog. Lunch was fun. The burner I was using on my stove top decided to literally burn out. It turned yellow-white it got so hot. It was sparking fiercely and a quarter-sized chunk melted away. I had to get my fire extinguisher to put out some of the sparks it threw off. Thank God I had recently bought one! I will need to find some where that sells replacement burners for old (1970’s era) stoves. My clothes were almost dry on the line outside when it decided to start raining on them. I had to run out and bring them in. They were a little damp. The DVD player refused to play the disc I had put in and jammed for a few minutes. I had to unplug it and restart it to get the disc unjammed. I just gave up after that. I had a sandwich for supper and spent the rest of the day reading. Hopefully today will be better, so far, so good. Emily


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