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A Severe Thunderstorm

August 9, 2013
English: Hail from a severe thunderstorm in Bo...

English: Hail from a severe thunderstorm in Bozeman, MT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Severe thunderstorms containing hail can exhib...

Severe thunderstorms containing hail can exhibit a characteristic green coloration Frank W. Gallagher, III. (October 2000). “Distant Green Thunderstorms – Frazer’s Theory Revisited”. Journal of Applied Meteorology (American Meteorological Society) 39 (10) : 1754. Bibcode 2000JApMe..39.1754G. doi:10.1175/1520-0450-39.10.1754. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   We had a severe thunderstorm early last night. The severe storm watch system on the radio made a number of warning broadcasts. At one point it covered nine counties. The thunder rumbled and growled continuously for forty minutes before tapering off. Fortunately none of the lightning strikes hit near where I live. The rain slashed down heavily for over an hour. Some places recorded rates of five inches per hour. It poured more slowly, but steadily for the next two hours. The winds were light. Some higher elevations reported quarter-sized hailstones. There was much flooding. A number of power lines were brought down by broken branches. My power flickered several times but didn’t go out. Road crews are busy fixing a large number of washouts this morning. Local firemen are responding to many calls concerning flooded basements. I was glad that I was safely inside out of it. The creek out back is filled to its banks with rushing, gurgling water. The poor cats hid under the bed for a long time while the thunder “boomed”. When the noise finally stopped they crept out and curled up on my lap to snuggle with me. Emily


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