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The Laws Of Cats # 5

August 5, 2013
Couple of domestic cats.

Couple of domestic cats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cats have laws that govern their behavior. This is another one I have witnessed over the years.

The cat will stop doing the cute thing you have been watching the minute you go to get your camera.

I have been frustrated by this fact on numerous occasions. Even if they appear sound asleep in a ball curled tightly up to each other, the minute I go to get my camera to take the picture, they jump up and run off. I have many photos of them being solemn and serious. Apparently all the cats I have lived with are too dignified to have lasting proof of their cuteness in existence. Emily

  1. I certainly know what you mean!! Babyboy will be sitting just right or looking just right with his head tilted beautifully and I pull up the camera and he moves and looks at me like ha ha ha no way Jose! lol

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