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A Rainy Sunday

August 4, 2013

Pavillion (Photo credit: John Law)

The sun finally came out a few minutes ago. It has been raining since early morning. Mostly a steady drizzle that stopped and started at odd intervals. There were several heavier showers. I’m glad I decided not to go to the family picnic. It is damp. I imagine that the outer sides of the benches at the pavilion in the park are nicely wet. It resembles the one in the photo except there are no side walls. I decided to spend the day reorganizing one of my smaller bookcases. I put a few books aside to reread. The cats were lots of help. They kept trying to trip me up when I was walking with an armful of books. They also had to sleep on each of the three newly cleared shelves. They helped dust them, but then I had to brush the dust out of their fur. They loved that! They purred like crazy, well Bandit did. You can only hear Selleck’s purr if you hold his body up against your ear. Bandit’s purr is quite loud and sounds like a small rusty motor. Emily

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