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The Laws Of Cats # 3

July 30, 2013
Cat Cinema

Cat Cinema (Photo credit: TheeErin)

when cats say : MEOW !

when cats say : MEOW ! (Photo credit: Sarah Altamimi)

 Any cat person can tell you that just like gravity cats have laws governing their behavior. Here is another of the laws I have observed.

You belong to the Cat, you are its Personal Assistant/Servant/Slave.

You exist to cater to the cats needs and wants and the Cat is in charge of the relationship. When the cat wants attention it will come to you. Some cats nip you if you do not start petting them quickly enough. Do not expect a cat to come when called, this is beneath their dignity on most occasions. When they want food they will let you know in no uncertain terms, usually by emitting a piercingly loud “Meow!”. When they are on the wrong side of the door they will scratch and cry until you open the door. Your job is to take care of the cat. A cat will sleep any where it pleases, if it is in your way, tough luck. Emily

  1. Love this post!!!! I’m a huge fan of cats and totally love your Laws! I’ll be following you closely.

    Nice to meet you! I’d love for you stop by Craplandia if you can, I’m new to bloggy wordpresslandia.

    • emilykarn permalink

      I’m glad that yoy are enjoying the series, I have more to come.

  2. This is so great. I am definitely a slave to my cat. If he’s awake I have to be too. He’s made that clear.

    • emilykarn permalink

      They do have a way with getting their point across.

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