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The Bunnies Are Back

July 29, 2013


English: Two wild rabbits found in undergrowth...

English: Two wild rabbits found in undergrowth at Edinburgh Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet another pounding rainfall last night lasting over 2 hours. Lots of flooding in low-lying areas. I’m beginning to wonder, will it ever dry out? It is supposed to be dry for the next few days. I sure hope so. The cats were getting cabin fever. There have not been many critters for them to watch. That changed this morning at 7:00 am. Suddenly they were bouncing on my bed and chattering up a storm. I looked out the window for a translation. “Crunchy Bunnies! Crunchy Bunnies!! Crunchy Bunnies!!!” Three large rabbits were eating the grass by the creek. They ate for 20 minutes before scampering away. The cats relaxed into blissful dreams of catching them after they left. I can see their paws twitching as they chase them in their sleep. Emily

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