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A To Z: Alliteration Is The Game

July 28, 2013

Alliteration/M (Photo credit: k.landerholm)

Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which each first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

I had fun with this post. I chose to write a free-verse, nonsense poem filled with alliteration.

Alliteration Is The Game
Adventurer apparel askew authority ascertained “Attention audience!”
Babbling bombastic bewildered bigoted botanists bustled busily
Cabalistic ceremonial curmudegeonly coadjutor caused conference chaos
Dangerously dandified divisivly declared “Divergence doubtfully dramatic!”
Energetic enemies evicted excited enigmatic evil exhibitor
Frantic frenzied flighty famous fribbles fumed furiously
Gathering gravely gruesome grizzly gnarled gnomes groused
Hasty horrific headless hopeless humbled humorists hopped
Incendiary ignited innocent ingenue ignored incoming irritant
Jaded jabbering jester joked jealously jeering jury
Kamakaze knights kindly kicked knaves knobby knees
Lovely ladies lounged lustfully lolling longing lovers
Marvelous magicians mentally muscled massive mucky mammoths
Nearly naughty narcissistic nymphs nicely nurtured nastiness
Oafish older orphans opined obligatory open outrages
Pleasured pashas pandered plucked panicked passenger pigeons
Quickly quality quiet questers quivered quaking queues
Robust rapid reliable revenants rescued raving rioters
Steady stalwart squires saved souvenir shopper’s spoils
Thoughtful tough thanes took transport tunnel terminals
Unwary unwise unicorns united under uber unions
Weird witches wrought wild wrathful wicked winds
“X-rayed xerachic xanthodermic xenogenisitic xiphoidal xoanonic xylocarpous!”
Youthful yearling yaks yawned yearned yachting yahoos
Zany zealots “Zip zap zig zag zoom!”


In response to Daily Prompt: A To Z

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