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The Laws Of Cats # 2

July 27, 2013
Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In (Photo credit: ehpien)

There are Laws of Cats just as there are Laws of Gravity and Physics. I have learned these laws from years of observation.

This is the second law of cats.No matter wich side of the door the cat is on, it will be the wrong side 5 to 10 minutes after you sit down and get comfortable or start a project. In example: yesterday afternoon I decided to sit down and mend some clothes. Approximately 6 minutes after I started sewing I could hear “Scratch. Scratch. Meow! Meow!” from my bedroom door wich was closed. I tried to ignore it, but Selleck got more frantic every second. Finally I got up, opened the door, and let him saunter out. He gave me a dirty look in passing for my delay in catering to his need. I was then able to resume my interrupted task. Bandit prefers to wait until I am soaking wet in the shower before demanding to be on the other side of the bathroom door. Emily


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