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The Laws Of Cats # 1

July 22, 2013
Washing Basket Cat

Washing Basket Cat (Photo credit: nedrichards)

Cat Basket

Cat Basket (Photo credit: t0msk)

Any cat person can tell you, that just like there are laws of gravity, there are laws of cats. You learn them by observation.

The first part of the first law is that there is a magnetic attraction between any cat and a basket of laundry. Particularly if the said laundry has just been washed and is freshly dried. However wet laundry will do in a pinch. On numerous occasions I have set a basket on the floor while I close the door. Within moments there is a cat sleeping on it. This morning I was taking a freshly washed load outside to hang it up. Six seconds later Bandit was curled up on top of it! She protested when I picked her up and put her on the floor. She tried to climb back in while I was pulling the basket through the door. I finally had to shove her nose away from the door so I could shut it. Selleck strolled up and sat in the door as I was walking to the clothes line. It was a little muddy outside. We had more rain last night, but bit is supposed to be nice today. The humidity is lower for the moment, so it is more comfortable. I will have to put the load away immediately when I bring it in or she will try to sleep on it again. She is a lot of help when I am trying to fold it and put it away.  The second part of the law states that if you make your cat a sleeping place out of a basket lined with an old towel or blanket, the cat will IGNORE it! I fixed one for them once. It sat empty for a month before I gave up.Emily

  1. very cute! Thanks for visiting my post and for the pingback.

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