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It Wasn’t Thunder

July 20, 2013
Moravia, New York 13118

Moravia, New York 13118 (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

New York State Route 38

New York State Route 38 (Photo credit: Dougtone)

The Moravia Fair has been running since Wednesday. Last night they had fireworks. They timed it just right. The rain started pouring down just ten minutes after they finished. It drizzled most of the night. It has been cooler, cloudy, and threatening rain all day. Around 1:10 PM I heard what I at first thought was the grumble of thunder. It got louder and closer and was continuous. I realised that it was the sound of a horde of motorcycles driving by. Today is the local Annual Vietnam Memorial Highway of Valor Tribute Motorcycle Ride. The Vietnam Memorial Highway of Valor is more commonly known as New York State Route 38. This is the fifth year they have held the ride. They had a large turnout despite the weather. I timed their passing. It took almost four full minutes for the column to go by. I couldn’t see them from my trailer, but I am close enough to the main road that I sure could hear them! They had a number of Harley‘s present, their engines make a very distinctive sound. An hour later it finally started to rain. It came down for over two hours. I feel like I should start to grow gills at this rate. Emily


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  1. Nothing like the sound of motorcycles in force.

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