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Cat In The Sink

July 16, 2013

Cats in Sinks!

Cats in Sinks! (Photo credit: dwittkower)

Ms Kitty is thinking

Ms Kitty is thinking (Photo credit: momboleum)

The weather has turned HOT and HUMID! Temperatures range in the 90’s. The Heat Index makes it feel like the 100’s. My poor long-haired cat, Bandit is suffering. Yesterday she laid sprawled out in front of the fan panting heavily. Today she has found a cooler location. She is curled up in the bathroom sink! It is porcelain so it feels cool to her. The only problem with her sleeping place is the fact I have to fish her out of the sink every time I want to wash my hands! As soon as I’m finished she jumps up onto the counter and gets back into the sink. She even ignores the fact that the sink is wet! She could have chosen a worse place to sleep. The sink  is a tight fit. She is a large cat and spills out over the edges. Bandit looks like Ms Kitty in the photo. Emily


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  1. My cat loves to drink water from the sink! We call it “watering the Jo” whenever she hops in and waits for us to turn the faucet 🙂

    • emilykarn permalink

      I live in a trailer in New York State. During the extreme cold of winter I have to leave the water dripping in the bathroom so that it doesn’t freeze. Both Bandit and Selleck like to drink the fresh water. They also splash and play with it. Emily

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