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Brunch Day

July 14, 2013
Dennys Breakfast - Sunny side Up Eggs, Hash Br...

Dennys Breakfast – Sunny side Up Eggs, Hash Brown, Sausage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My family went out to brunch this morning to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We went to the Denny’s restaurant in Auburn. I had the Red, White, And Blue Breakfast Slam. It consisted of: 2 blueberry pancakes topped by sliced strawberries and white icing; 2 eggs cooked to order, I choose scrambled; hash browns; and either 2 bacon slices or 2 sausage links, I opted for the sausage links. I tried their Groovy Mango Smoothie for my drink. It was all delicious! Denny’s doesn’t skimp on real maple syrup, the waitress brought a small beaker that held a quarter of a cup. Everything was hot and fresh. My sister ordered the Belgian Waffle. It covered almost all of the plate and was a half-inch thick! It was also golden and crunchy, cooked to perfection. We swapped small pieces of pancake and waffle. My brother had the Lumberjack Slam. My former sister-in-law had the Chicken Parmesan. My mother had the Pancake Slam. It had 2 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon, and two eggs over easy. She wound up taking half of it home, there was too much food for her. The nice thing about Denny’s is that even the pickiest eaters (i.e. my two nieces), can find items they like on the menu. One had a pancake and bacon. The other ate a fruit bowl with yogurt and granola. Their cousin managed to eat 2 pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs, and 2 sausage links. Their prices were quite reasonable as well. The waitress’ surprised my mother with a cupcake with a lit candle and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. We all joined in. It was a good trip. Emily


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