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A Chattering Of Starlings

July 12, 2013


European Starling

European Starling (Photo credit: K Schneider)

English: Starlings gathering at dusk At the be...

English: Starlings gathering at dusk At the beginning of the nineteenth century, European starlings > were quite rare. From then onwards their numbers increased until they were one of Britain’s most widespread and common birds. In more recent times the species has again suffered a dramatic reversal of fortune with numbers dwindling since the 1980s. For a wider view of this location see > (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The humidity finally broke yesterday. It is very comfortable now. I even had to put my blanket back on my bed for the night! There hasn’t been any rain for twenty-four hours and the sun is shining. The cats are happily ensconced in front of the screen in the door. They have lots of critters to watch. The birds and squirrels have come out. A huge flock of starlings came by a few minutes ago. There were at least 80. I went on-line to find out what you called such a large group. There were several names: a chattering, a clattering, a cloud, a congregation, and a murmation. I chose to use a chattering. They were all screeching and calling. It made quite a loud noise. They landed and ate for ten minutes, then they flew away. It was so quiet after they left. The cats were fascinated by them. Emily

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