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Chickens Are Not The Stupidest Birds

July 9, 2013
Helmeted Guineafowl

Helmeted Guineafowl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any one who has dealt with a chicken can testify to the fact that they are incredibly stupid. In fact you soon realise just why “bird brain” is such an insult. However, chickens are not the stupidest birds in existence. That dishonor is reserved for guinea-fowl. When I was a teenager I lived on a dairy farm. One year my grandmother decided to purchase a small flock of guinea hens. They were supposed to be good at eating insects, especially ticks, and to make good watch birds. There was only one problem about that. They sounded the alarm all right. They were alarmed by every little thing! They have a loud, high-pitched, harsh cackle. They were constantly making a ruckus. They also made the chickens seem like members of Mensa. For example: the chickens had enough sense to go inside during a hail storm. Not so the guinea hens! They stayed outside and one of them got its little pea-sized brain hit just right by a large hailstone and was killed. The only thing I liked about them were their feathers. They have black/grey bodies spotted with white circles. They lasted about three months on the farm. Then my grandmother found some poor, unsuspecting soul who wanted the birds and sold them. We were happy to see the last of them. Emily

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